We do textiles

JBS Textile Group A/S has signed an agreement with the Dutch company Tumble ‘N Dry about acquisition of the company from October 1st. 2022. The acquisition is a part of JBS’ strategic plans to continue expanding and strengthening the current position in the textile industry – both national and international.


JBS Textile Group is a family-owned business founded in 1939. We are known as Scandinavia’s largest supplier of underwear. Underwear is still very much our speciality, but we have greatly expanded our product range to include other kinds of fabrics and new areas of business. In short, we make most kinds of clothing – for most kinds of people. We currently boast a total of 20 own brands, which are all different and have their own particular target group. Some of the brands have been built up together with celebrities, where we develop, produce and sell the collections under the famous people’s names.


We develop and produce Private Label collections in close collaboration with major customers. This means that we send out a total of over 100,000 products from our warehouse on a daily basis – to retailers as well as to department stores, chain stores, discount stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets distributed throughout more than 50 countries. The products range from underwear, socks and nylon tights to shirts, trousers, jackets, shoes, hats and gloves – and lots more besides.

In other words: We do Textiles.

Our Brands»

Despite almost 80 years behind it, JBS Textile Group A/S is still going strong.

We have the expertise to find new opportunities and it is natural for us to expand our portfolio of brands if we feel there is a perfect match – and relevance to the established brands we already have.

Today we have 20 different brands that reflect our great diversity of products.

For men and women. From top to toe. From fashion store to hypermarket. To fashionistas and ordinary consumers. To Danes and the rest of the world.

Read more about the individual brands.

Private label

We produce Private Label collections. We produce them for customers within the speciality trade, retail stores, hyper- and supermarkets – as well as department stores, DIY stores and chain stores.

Our product range isn’t just about our own well-known underwear collections. We can produce all kinds of clothing under the customer’s own brand, ranging from practical socks, lovely lingerie and fashionable nylon tights – to well-fitting shirts, printed T-shirts, sweat-wicking sports underwear, functional clothing and comfortable chinos. In other words, we cover most kinds of clothing.

We also help ensure our customer gets exactly the right product – at the right price. Delivered at the right time.

Read more about all the possibilities.

Private Label