At JBS Textile Group A/S, we have great experience in creating successful collabs with both Danish and international celebrities. To achieve a committed and successful collaboration, there are two key areas we attach particular importance to. First and foremost, we ensure the celebrities we choose to collaborate with really want to be part of the project. They should have an opinion about the collaboration and not just want to put their name to it.


Secondly, we focus on finding a form that reflects the person we work with: a design and a platform that matches how the famous person would like to be positioned and wants to get his or her products sold. In some cases, we develop a new concept, where our collaborator’s name becomes a new brand name, as is the case with Cristiano Ronaldo. In such cases, JBS Textile Group A/S is simply marked on the back of the packaging as the manufacturer.

In other cases, we create a collaboration with an ambassador to represent one of our brands. This was the case with Mads Christensen. However, this collab ended with the brand “Mads Christensen socks” actually overshadowing our brand Marathon, which he was originally supposed to represent – which is why Mads Christensen socks is now an independent brand.



Fashionable and sporty high-end underwear and socks for men and children. CR7 has generated JBS Textile Group A/S’ greatest international sales success. The collaboration started in 2013 with Cristiano Ronaldo as messenger, JBS as manufacturer and New York-based Richard Chai as designer. During the first six months alone, we opened 50 export markets with sales in some of the world’s leading department stores and hypermarkets.


mc_signaturA sock brand tailored to the Danish market. The man behind the name is the Danish celebrity, style commentator and public speaker Mads Christensen. The Mads Christensen brand produces perfect fitting fashionable socks in patterned and coloured designs for men of all ages. The concept is sold in Danish supermarkets and hypermarkets. Since we started in 2009, we have sold several million pairs of brightly coloured socks.