JBS is Denmark’s largest underwear brand and the name of our main brand. The range includes men’s underwear, socks and nightwear, and the products are known for having a perfect fit, high quality and excellent durability. The JBS brand has a large and reputable basic programme with very loyal consumers. The JBS brand is sold in men’s clothing stores and department stores.

We are very proud of our new brand that offers underwear as well as loungewear for both men and women. We use the best blends of materials such as bamboo, organic cotton and  wool. With a minimalistic nordic style and a very keen eye for comfort and detail JBS of Denmark raises the bar among our brands.

JBS of Denmark is sold in men’s and women’s fashion stores, department stores and high-end chain stores.



Resteröds was founded in Sweden in 1935 and is known for producing quality underwear for both men and women. Today, the brand is known for its edgy DNA, which caters to a young and trendy target audience. In addition to underwear, the collection also includes t-shirts, sweatpants, hoodies and other streetwear. Resteröds is based on a philosophy of “Original never dies”, implemented however in a manner that challenges the original style with new materials and contemporary trends. Resteröds is sold in men’s fashion stores, department stores and high-end chain stores.





A sock brand tailored to the Danish market. The man behind the name is the Danish celebrity, style commentator and public speaker Mads Christensen. The Mads Christensen brand produces perfect fitting fashionable socks in patterned and coloured designs for men of all ages. The concept is sold in Danish supermarkets and hypermarkets. Since we started in 2009, we have sold several million pairs of brightly coloured socks.




Fashionable and sporty high-end underwear and socks for men and children. CR7 has generated JBS Textile Group A/S’ greatest international sales success. The collaboration started in 2013 with Cristiano Ronaldo as messenger, JBS as manufacturer and New York-based Richard Chai as designer. During the first six months alone, we opened 50 export markets with sales in some of the world’s leading department stores and hypermarkets.





Founded in 1922 in Norway and known for producing good quality men’s underwear with excellent durability and a perfect fit. It has a very wide product range, including virtually all types of men’s underwear and socks, pyjamas, dressing gowns and wool underwear. The products are sold in men’s clothing stores, department stores and chain stores.




An exclusive Danish sock brand that makes luxury men’s socks of extremely high quality. In addition to classic material blends, Egtved also makes socks in special, functional fabrics.  For example, there are styles with cotton on the inside and wool on the outside, comfortable bamboo blends or socks with ventilated soles. The collections are elegant, stylish and very comfortable, and the socks are available in up to four sizes. Primarily sold in menswear shops.

Accessories for the male wardrobe. Here you will find ties, bowties, cufflinks, belts and much more.

Sparta is a well-renowned manufacturer of socks in Vilnius, Lithuania. With its many years of know-how and competences in both production and sales, Sparta contributes JBS Textile Group A/S positively with its extensive experience in the Eastern European market. The Sparta brand in Lithuania currently includes socks, but in future the collection will also be extended to underwear and other related articles.




After many years as a supplier to menswear shops, we have expanded this share of the market to incorporate the DIY sector and corporate sales. The brand ProActive offers functional underwear and outdoor/workwear accessories for work use. The products range from base or middle layers in wool blends or wicking materials to work socks, hats and gloves.




Claudio has produced men’s underwear and socks since 1948. Claudio is a well-priced brand that delivers good quality at good prices. The brand is built around fast-selling items, clear-cut concepts and deliveries into fixed ranges. When the Claudio collection is developed, the focus is always on the products having a high turnover rate. Claudio is sold in menswear shops, retail shops, department stores and chain stores.




A well-stocked brand for all the family. The range is designed to offer everything we use on a daily basis – depending on the season: socks, tights, underwear, hats, gloves and much more for men, women, boys and girls. The products are basic products in contemporary colours and patterns. Symfoni is sold in supermarkets and convenience stores.




A classic men’s underwear brand that has existed since 1916. A value-for-money brand with high-volume production. This enables us to create high-quality products that can be purchased at attractive prices. Olympia products are sold in hypermarkets and supermarkets.



Fashionable underwear for men, women, boys and girls, concentrated primarily however on men’s underwear. Products from Marathon are positioned as high-end in hypermarkets and supermarkets, and the large production volume allows us to provide high quality at reasonable prices. The target audience is primarily younger men who buy textiles in hypermarkets.





A brand with many years of experience in designing and producing fashionable quality products for women. The collection is comprehensive and includes a wide programme ranging from underwear and nightwear to socks, tights and leather gloves. Decoy is a concept for retail stores and the target audience is fashion-conscious women of all ages.



Basic items supplemented by individual fashion styles in nylon socks, no show socks, sandals, hats, gloves and other accessories. The products are sold exclusively in the Matas chain.

”The world needs more Glitter”. Hype the Detail is born out of this festive payoff. Focusing on fashion legwear like printed tights and glitter socks this brand is aimed at the fashion aware consumer.
Hype the Detail stands out as an opposite to our other female brands that focus on basic styles and large NOOS programs.
The brand is sold primarily in female fashion stores.

Hviid Hviid by JBS is a circular textile concept that works with mechanical recycling of discarded textiles. Primarily industrial textiles. The main objective is to create the best textiles, in terms of quality and longevity, so that they can compete with the fabrics on the market today without compromising the possibilities of design and by improving the constant change of recycling.

Angli is a well esteemed Dasnish shirt brand. Today the brand mainly addresses business customers, using the shirt as part of the daily uniform. In this customer segment you will find restaurants, banks and the transport industry, just to name some. The collection consists of a NOOS-selection in different styles and fits,  sizes going up to 8XL.
Quality, durability and comfortable fit, no matter the body type are key requirements for our customers.

Tumble ‘N Dry was founded in 2007 and has thus many years’ experiences as a supplier of children’s clothing (aged 0-14 years) in both retail and e-commerce. Tumble ‘N Dry has been a leader in this market for several years and produces through an efficient and responsible chain of global suppliers.

Philipsons was founded in 1872 and for more than 150 years they have supplied high quality men’s accessories. The product range includes belts, suspenders, cufflinks, tiepins, scarves and much more.

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